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Valentina has two exceptional parents for more trichomes and terpenes !!!


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Aficionado French Connection is proud to present the Valentina !

This hybrid is the result of several years of work on the stabilization of the two lines which will later be used to create this original F1 hybrid, La Valentina!

In addition to its unique and rare profile, it has all the advantages of a real f1 from homozygous parents: Stability and alertness!

It is for these reasons that the majority of professionals will prefer to select their elite clone / mother on an original F1.

Medium in size, the Valentina is a perfectly balanced indica / sativa hybrid. Its high trichome production and high yield will delight most growers. You will adopt it above all for its taste and smell ranging from the cocktail of tropical fruits to petroleum notes like those found in a ripe mango while passing through notes of incense and exotic softwood …

La Valentina has two exceptional parents for more trichomes and terpenes !!!

The Pineapple Sorbet as well as the Vetrus OG are two of our favorite lines, that is why we have chosen to stabilize these two genetics over several generations during 4 seasons.

The strengths of Valentina are inherited from her parents:

Compact buds covered with trichomes accompanied by a powerful bouquet of rare aromas, a branched structure which reacts very well to main-lining in indoor and outdoor, a generous production which will end in 9 weeks in indoor and end of September in outdoor.


  • 12 Regular seeds (10 + 2 free)
  • Pineapple Sorbet F4 x Vetrus OG F4
  • Hybrid
  • 9 Weeks
  • Tropical Fruit / Incense / Sandal / Petrol / Candy
  • End of September - The beginning of October
  • 550-650 Gr per m² / > 900 Gr per plant

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