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Maybe one of the strongest terpenes content actually on the market Bigaradine should delight the most exigent Ganjier !


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We are particularly proud to present the original and unique Bigaradine. An Aficionado French Connection exclusivity!

Maybe one of the strongest terpenes content actually on the market Bigaradine should delight the most exigent Ganjier !

Bigaradine (Sorbet a l’Orange x Ztarbust ) made from the cross between The 2 high terpenes content strains : Sorbet a l’orange (Sangria x (Cherry Noir #18 x Sorbetto) ) Aficionado cut was used as pollen receiver and as male we retained true an improved selection process an exeptional Ztarbust (Zkittlez x Agent Orange) x (Forbidden Fruit x Pineapple Thai BX).

Bigaradine offers a hybrid mainly Sativa , easy to control and which will offer flowers of a quality rarely equaled.

In order to control its stretch ( medium stretch ) it is advisable to practice main-lining so that it develops many secondary branches.

This development will allow it to offer excellent results during cultivation using the SCROG technique.

Indoors, it will be enough to wait 9-weeks maximum to be able to harvest the Bigaradine , which is a short time to be rewarded for growing a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Outdoors, this strain is specially mold resistant; it may be better to use stakes to support the weight of the flowers that can be harvested during the last week of September.

The flowers quickly become very sticky during flowering and give the impression of being covered with a thick layer of oil, so handle with care.

Concentrate lovers will find here genetics that are perfectly suited to the various existing extraction methods, both for the quantity of resin produced and for its terpene qualities.

This flavor combination is lifted by a balance of strong rotten fruit, mango , and orange peel terps with a hint of star anise and lemon juice on the exhale.

The effect of Bigaradine is at half way between indica and sativa ; the effect is a clear mental high which one is also providing a loud physical relaxation.

Aficionado French Connection limited release by Leo Stone and Professor Q.


  • 12 Regular Seeds
  • (Sorbet a l’Orange x Ztarbust ) x (Sorbet a l’Orange x Ztarbust ) F2
  • Balanced Indica / Sativa
  • Orange peel / Mango / Candy / Star anise
  • 9 Weeks
  • September / October
  • 550 Gr per m²
  • THC High

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