After years of work Aficionado French Connection is launching the so anticipated new Feminized Seeds line. A totally New and innovating Menu join the original Limited Regular line.

Aficionado French Connection mark the first Feminized release by Leo Stone and Professor Q under the Aficionado family.

Breeders work continued involvement in superior genetics development within is evident with this new Feminized line!

Characterized by unparalleled quality our exclusive seeds are hand selected one by one and strictly produced in an organic way.

All hybrids undergo extensive selection trials to ensure the development of champion varieties reserved only for the most serious connoisseurs.

Aficionado French Connection

World first premium seed Co.

Feminized seeds: they will produce only female plants; it is a guarantee for people who do not want loose space and time with male plant.

Note: cause of the male information missing during feminized process (which bring many important characteristics to the cross), for any mom selection or breeding project we recommended you the regular seeds.


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